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How do I install my SWARM?

Installing the Omnidots SWARM is easy and fast, and done within a few simple steps. View the Quick Start Guide, watch the video 'Installation of the Omnidots SWARM vibration monitor' here or follow the instructions below.

What do I need?

  1. A SWARM
  2. Power supply for the SWARM, so mains power, the SWARM Battery, the Solar Panel set, or the PoE adapter.
  3. A hand drill
  4. The plug and screw supplied with your SWARM.


  1. Drill a hole in the wall to mount your SWARM and insert the plug. Do not mount the SWARM to the wall yet.
  2. Before mounting the SWARM, first connect the SWARM to the power supply cable. To do this, open the black dust cap on the bottom of the SWARM. Connect the cable supplied with your SWARM power supply. Make sure to tighten the connection ring until you feel a slight click. This ensures a waterproof and dustproof connection. Do not connect the cable to the power supply yet, you will only do so in step 5. Always use cables supplied by Omnidots.
  3. Insert the screw through the screw hole in the center of the SWARM and mount the SWARM to the wall. Tighten the screw with the drill.
  4. Conveniently, the SWARM automatically aligns the axes. You do not have to do the alignment yourself. This means that you can mount the SWARM at any angle; this makes absolutely no difference to the measurement results. All you have to remember is that all three studs on the back of the SWARM need to touch the surface to which the SWARM is attached.
  5. Connect the SWARM to the power supply.
  6. The SWARM will automatically connect to the online platform Honeycomb. The LED on the SWARM will start to flash green.
  7. You can also mount the Omnidots Battery to the wall, if you choose so.
  8. Your SWARM is now installed and online. Go to Honeycomb, configure the SWARM and start monitoring.