How do I set up a custom threshold?

Setting up a custom threshold can be easily done in Honeycomb.


  1. Log in on Honeycomb and go to 'Measuring point' in the menu.
  2. When hovering over 'Measuring point,' a menu will appear. Click on the last option: 'Custom thresholds'. 


This will bring you to a new page.

  1. On the right top, right below the 'Sign out' button, there is a 'Create custom alarm threshold' button. Click on it.
  2. A new screen will appear. Here, you can add all the information of the guideline you want to use.*
  3. When you fill in the custom threshold, you can select a guideline and set the evaluation type to the threshold you just created.

Untitled (1)

4. Now, you can start measuring with your custom threshold.