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How often does my SWARM send the data to Honeycomb?

The SWARM automatically sends the measurement data to Honeycomb every hour. There are three exceptions to this.

  1. You can set a measurement schedule on Honeycomb. For example, if you only want to measure during office hours while construction work is being done. The SWARM is in sleep mode at other hours. During these hours of sleep mode, the SWARM does not measure and does not send the measurement data to Honeycomb.
  2. In the event your SWARM measures an exceedance, the SWARM will trigger an alert mode. In this alert mode, the SWARM will upload its data to Honeycomb. During at least two minutes after measuring an exceedance, the SWARM will continue to upload its data to the Honeycomb. Should the SWARM measure another exceedance during these two minutes, the timer will be reset, and the SWARM will remain in contact with the Honeycomb for another two minutes.
  3. You can use the 'Send interval' setting. The SWARM then checks every x number of seconds (set in the 'Send interval') whether there is new data to send and sends it when there is new data. If there is no data, the SWARM will not connect at that time and thus save energy.